Who will you nominate as the executor of your will?

If you want to write a Last Will & Testament, who are you going to nominate as the Executor?

Let me give you an example of what to watch out for. It may seem obvious, yet it is something that has been known to happen from time to time.

We had a situation not too long ago. The person “Jane”, who contacted us was named the Executor in the Last Will & Testament. However, because she was what is called a non-domiciled alien, she could not qualify …

Never, Ever UnStaple a Will

This morning I received a call from somebody whose parent had passed away this year.

She told me that she found the Last Will & Testament of the parent.

I asked her if she could bring me the Will so I could go over it

She volunteered that she was about to take the Will apart to make me a copy

I replied, DON’’T DO THAT Do Not take the staples out of that Will !